Who the hell am I?

I’m just a dude, living in the midwest, trying to feed the monkey on my back.  It’s a learnin’ monkey.  It likes to learn.  I feed it knowledge.

I live in a house with my wife, six mice, two cats (one of them we found in a bush at work!), miles of yarn (hers), miles of 3D filament (mine), thousands of books and old pulps and comics (ours), and three guitars (also mine).  By trade, we’re both teachers, but neither of us set out to do that – it just keeps the cost of monkey-chow to a minimum (if you teach it, you learn it…).

I’ll get some social media links up on the site when I get new accounts up and running – I don’t use my personal accounts for this site.  Gotta keep ’em separated.