Dice addiction…

Note: These are old photos. There are more than this now.
i am weak
I have a problem.


I have a habit that COULD be a problem, if I were to let it get out of hand.

That’s not entirely true either.  You see, it may have already gotten slightly – only very slightly – out of hand.  And not really in a bad way, just, you know… a little.

I like dice.  I roleplay, and, for those of us who do this, dice are like jewelry.  Gamer jewelry…. that you can’t wear and have to lug around with you in a Crown Royal bag or, if you’re like me, in a series of clear plastic divided tackle boxes, color-organized so I can choose just the perfect die for the situation.  Whatever it may be.

Is it cold?  I have blue dice (translucent and solid) and white dice, and clear dice (like ice cubes – frosted or optically clear), and I have blue and silver speckled or swirled.  All of them will roll perfectly, I bet, if it’s cold wherever my character is.

I don’t know when I would ever use the set that looks like used toothpaste, but hey… we play some weird campaigns.  So I bought them.

I have a set that looks like that time when Jane Langenderfer ate an entire box of Crayolas and yacked up on her desk in first grade.  Perfect for when… um… my character is… uh…

So my habit might – and I emphasize MIGHT – be a little out of hand.

But I need my dice, and as any good roleplayer will tell you, you couldn’t possibly play the game with only a single set of dice!  That’s batshit crazy!  Seriously – what happens when you roll the last 20 out of your d20?  What then… when the remorhaz is bearing down on you and you absolutely MUST crit to hit?  If your d20 has been spent and you don’t have another set (perhaps my “emergency” yellow set?)… when you’re stuck and your dice are out of gas, what then, smart guy?  You HAVE to have another d20 that still has some crits left in it or you’re hooped!  TPK!

That’s why I try to buy a new set or two each time I go up to the game store to play.  It’s like passing up ammo in a FPS – even if you’re full, you still try to pick it up, and sometimes, you fire off a couple rounds to make room.

I’ve been known to give some of my older sets – or incomplete sets, or singles that I got from an ill-advised dip with the “cup-o-dice” at a con – to new players or friends… out of generosity, of course.  Not simply to make more room in the tackle boxes…


I have four tackle boxes.  That happened one night when I got home with three particularly nice sets and found that I was full-up on space, and I wasn’t willing to part with anything.  Not even to my wife (her first taste was free… now, she buys dice-crack on the regular).  At 8:30 at night, I drove across town to a Bass Pro store and bought them out of tackle boxes that matched mine.  The guy looked at me a little funny when I asked if he had more in the back.

I feel fortunate to live in a city with a good game store AND a Bass Pro that’s open late.  Without that magical combination, where would I be?

Still storing my dice in those little plastic cubes they come in, that’s where.

And that’s stupid, because I need those to store my minis… when I get them painted.

Fun fact:  If you buy the “Big Geeky Box” for the game “Smash-up” and transfer all your other sets to it (you do own the game, right?  And you have multiple sets?  Keep up…), that you can use the old boxes to store the little cubes that your dice come in – and they fit perfectly.  And those little dice boxes hold many 28mm single human-sized minis

I’ve filled up two of them already… Smash-up boxes, not the dice boxes.  Each box holds, maybe… 64?  Ish.  I’ve pitched some of the dice boxes.

And, just for your information… I can feel you judging me… not ALL of my dice come in little plastic boxes.  You see, Massdrop gets these metal sets in once in a while, and there were these stone carved dice at a con the one time, and then there was the time I was in the car on the way down to vacation with my wife and I got her to buy me a set of carved Artisan dice on her phone while we were driving.

I’m only making it worse, aren’t I?  The judging, I mean.

But the point of this is that dice addiction is real.  Gamers have it – I’m watching it sink its talons into my wife every time she says “Oooh, that one’s badass!”  Then she gets my old tackle boxes.

If you suffer from this affliction, you are not alone.  Millions of gamers fall victim to this each year, but there is hope…

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