Life is a candy store.

I’m like a middle-aged, pudgy, bearded kid, bounding through it, grasping at all the sweet, sweet crap I can reach.

Welcome to – the place where I barf up all the crap I managed to stuff into my brain, and you get to see all the pretty colors.  I’m a “multigeek” – I’m a geek, but I get geeked about a whole lot of stuff (hence the stuffing and the barfing).  I roleplay (duh – see my previous description of myself as a pudgy, bearded and middle-aged geek), I write, play guitar, build shit, 3D print other shit, collect old SF pulps, read like a boss, draw, take pictures (I won’t insult those who do so professionally by calling myself a photographer), teach 3D modeling and English and coding and audio production and video production, and I cook (see: pudgy, which, in retrospect, may be an understatement).

I’m writing this as I’m setting up the site (my old site – woefully under-used – got hacked by Russian dickheads), so I’m not sure what you’ll see here yet.  My intent is to write about all the shit I like and that I do, but try to make it, you know, interesting and useful to other people, rather than just a place to dump the crap I’ve been thinking about.  If you like it, great – say hey.  If not… well, you can let me know that, too.  Hell, I might even listen to you.